PM Estate Sales are estate sale professionals.

A service of The Purple Moon, which is located in Charleston, WV, our sales are events and attract buyers who know that when we do a sale items will be well displayed, priced fairly and not “picked over.”. People are lined up waiting to get in our sales because of our extensive marketing efforts and the knowledge that we haven't opened the sale until the advertised time.

It is our job to attract as many people to your sale as possible. We take great pride in our staging of merchandise. When we open your family home, it will look attractive and inviting. With years of experience, we are aware of trends in the market and price accordingly. As experts in 20th century home furnishings, accessories and art, and especially the last half of the century, PM Estate Sales staff know the value of items which often go overlooked or ignored.

We also understand the needs of buyers and what they are looking for. Our job is to connect estate items being liquidated - for whatever the reason - with people who will care and cherish them for years to come.

PM Estate Sales has over a decade of experience selling antiques and collectible items online and knows when it is in the best interest of the seller to utilize an online sales strategy.

We realize that most estate sales accompany some type of transition in life. We are sensitive to this fact and our main goal is to help make these changes as easy as possible on you and your family. By striving for excellence in all aspects of the sale, PM Estate Sales takes pride in leaving our clients satisfied that we have done the best job possible.